It’s always interesting when we see new types of businesses being struck with data breaches or cyber attacks as these events usually indicate the willingness of hackers to try new industries and tactics to in order to test their abilities to expose and ultimately gain in the wake of another’s loss. This past week, European airplane maker Airbus released a statement highlighting a data breach in its “Commercial Aircraft business” information systems that allowed intruders to gain access to some of its employees’ personal information.

The airline company did not disclose how the cybercriminals accessed their systems, so we can only speculate, but Airbus has taken immediate and appropriate actions to reinforce existing security measures,” which were not enough to keep the hackers out of their systems, “and to mitigate its potential impact” so that it can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. In short, business systems need to be updated and users need to be trained as they are the first lines of defense against human error related cyber attacks.

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