Noel Carrizales



Noel joined Evolve in September 2019. Prior to moving to Austin, TX to join Evolve, he was studying at the University of Central Oklahoma. As a hungry computer science major, Noel decided to grab some free pizza at the local Gamma Iota Sigma Insurance organization at UCO. After listening to insurance experts speak, it sparked his interest on the importance of insurance and quickly led him to change his major. Though his interest in cyber security programming kindles inside, he learned about the cyber market during a cyber security insurance panel with Patrick Costello in Dallas, TX. This lit the fire inside of him to pursue a career in cyber insurance and ultimately join Evolve. Noel loves making memories with people and is passionate about family. You can find him spending time with his 1 year old daughter and occasionally kicking it with the boys. He is also surprisingly very good at Mario-Kart.
Education: University of Central Oklahoma
Major: Actuarial Science
Favorite Band/Artist: Hans Zimmer, Led Zeppelin, and Mac Miller
Hometown:  Oklahoma City, OK