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Not only will these major motion pictures rock your socks off, but we've been told that our videos made Big Foot come out from hiding. If these magnificent picture movies are good enough for Big better bet your bottom dollar that they're good enough for you. All that's required now is to sit back, pop open an ice cold brewski (or a delicious apple juice), and let the good times roll.

What is Cyber Insurance?

WTF! Wire Transfer Fraud

Happy Bday, You Filthy Animals!

ABC...Always Be Closing!

Ok, that is hilarious! Thank you for sharing…It’s nice to laugh, especially in the insurance industry!!

Wendy StewartCommercial Lines Unit Manager - Pinnacle Brokers

This is %&$*ing FANTASTIC!
Loved it so much I shared on LinkedIn…..

Anson ThompsonInsurance Ninja

“Hahahahahaah!!! Hiring???? That’s an awesome clip. LOVE that.”

Mahsa ZarifyanISU Vansa Insurance

This video was hysterical. Are you hiring?! Thanks for keeping insurance fun. 😊

Rachel Irwin, CISRThe Uhl Agency
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