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The Coronavirus hit the city of Wuhan incredibly hard. A city that has a larger population than New York City with 19.5 million people. Reacting to the potential outbreak, the Chinese government quarantined the city to stop it from expanding. (

Even after the quarantine, it wasn’t able to stop the overwhelming spread of the virus as it expanded from country to country, including the United States which has confirmed 34 cases of the virus. As of Friday (2/21/20), at least 75,000+ people worldwide have been infected by the virus.

The effects and devastation of the Coronavirus is not to be taken lightly. What’s interesting about the Coronavirus as well as any other destructive person-to-person or airborne viruses are their abilities to spread without haste, affecting those who are unprepared for what it comes with.

With that being said, despite the health effects associated with a deadly virus like the coronavirus, we find that malware viruses have similar traits in the sense that it can move quickly from one device to another or from one network to another without much friction.

When it comes to data security, you need to treat your mobile devices, computers, networks, and servers similarly as you’d treat your health. Even though mobile devices can be difficult to cover in a traditional network or data security model, we highly recommend fitting them into your security framework. It’s crucial to include them under your cyber security umbrella!

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