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Did you know cyber attacks can increase by 60% during the holiday season?

Here’s why:

1. Hackers wait to hit on holidays when security staffing is low. As most companies will have security teams understaffed over the holiday period, this gives attackers a better chance of breaching networks — and crucially, decrease the chance of being spotted if they do make their way in or deliver malware.

2. Attackers use phishing methods that employ fake promotional websites. It’s likely that employees are more likely to travel and work remotely during the holiday season, so they can be more easily targeted with phishing emails — especially ones that are related to travel bookings or gift orders.

How can you protect your business (or clients):

1. Evaluate the email’s basic hygiene (grammar & spelling mistakes)

2. Increase levels of network monitoring and related security measures during the holiday season

3. Use extreme caution when viewing email’s asking for personal and financial info.

4. Avoid downloading unsolicited email attachments

5. Most importantly, get protected with Evolve MGA’s cyber insurance.

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