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Stop Ransomware with BlackFog

Evolve Policyholders Get Free Ransomware Defense

Meet BlackFog, Evolve’s Ransomware Defense Solution

Evolve has officially partnered with BlackFog, an industry leading cybersecurity company, that specializes in preventing ransomware cyber attacks by monitoring, detecting and preventing the unauthorized transfer of data in real-time. Evolve policyholders are now eligible to enroll up to 25 company devices to scan for pre-existing ransomware, malware, and other unauthorized device access, providing results in real time. At the end of the scan, the policyholder will be provided with a detailed report highlighting existing ransomware threats. As modern attacks are predicated on the ability to communicate with third party servers to steal data, BlackFog’s data exfiltration technology prevents cyberattacks by monitoring, detecting and preventing the unauthorized transfer of data in real-time.

How Important Is BlackFog’s Ransomware Defense Software?

In 2021, it is estimated that businesses will be hit by ransomware every 11 seconds costing $20 billion (1). In 2020,  the average ransomware demand was $178,254 across all business sizes & industries. It is also reported that 55% of attacks were on small businesses with less than 100 employees (2). In a successful ransomware attack, businesses experienced an interruption for an average of 16 days (2). 
Ransomware attacks are executed via software vulnerabilities, server weakness exploits, and most commonly, phishing emails to employees. Every time a business increases their human capital, ransomware cyber exposure increases proportionally. For this very reason, BlackFog’s ransomware defense software stops the attack at the very root of the problem, on the individual device level. 
Evolve | BlackFrog Console
Evolve | BlackFrog Console

Why Is Cyber Insurance Essential In A Ransomware Attack?

Evolve’s cyber insurance product provides 24/7 hotline access to the best forensic experts ($500/hr) in the world that specialize in ransomware damage mitigation. If ransomware is not handled correctly, the costs below can skyrocket exponentially.
  1. Extortion Demand Cost – $178,254 (2020 avg)
  2. Business Interruption – 16 Days of Lost Profit (2020 avg)
  3. Reputational Harm – All Profit Associated with Lost Clients
  4. Data Recreation – All Overtime Costs to Recreate Data
  5. Data Extraction – Notification Costs & Legal Hourly Bills