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The Dark Web Scanner

The Cyber “Security” Sales Tool

What is the Dark Web Scanner?

Did you know that the majority of your clients have already been compromised by hackers? Right now, hackers have access to billions of confidential “stolen” login credentials from online 3rd parties. Hackers specifically use these compromised login credentials to get into things like employee email accounts or even worse, bank accounts. This hack attack is called “business email compromise” or “BEC” and it costed US businesses $1,700,000,00 last year according to the 2019 FBI Internet Crime Report. Click the button below to pull a dark web scan for your client!

How does the Dark Web Scanner simplify cyber sales?

Before discussing cyber insurance, Evolve now shows the top 10 people in the organization that have had their login credentials compromised, the amount of times, and the services that lost their information. Most businesses are unaware that their employees have compromised login credentials, until those credentials are successfully used in a hack attack against the business. By showing the business owners actual, compromised employees in their organization, cyber insurance exposure becomes real. Hackers frequently use these credentials to successfully execute the two most common cyber attacks; “Ransomware” & “Funds Transfer Fraud.” Click the button below for more information on each type of attack!

How does the Dark Web Scanner mitigate cyber exposure?

Step one is making the business aware that hackers have stolen sensitive login information on their employees, via online 3rd parties, increasing the business’ hack attack vulnerability. Step two is recommending a strong password security protection program that mitigates against BEC hack attacks. Best practices include top down implementation of corporate password management software, strict difficulty requirements, and the simple rule: NEVER REUSE PASSWORDS. Click the button below for a business owner “cybersecurity best practices checklist.”