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UPDATED 10/27/20



UPDATE 10/27/20

11 days after the FBI, CISA hacking warning, Trustwave, a global cybersecurity company, discovered a hacker selling the personal data of 200 million+ Americans, including the voter registration data of 186 million on the dark web. The information included names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, registration information, & political party information.  

Much of the data identified is publicly available, the kind that is regularly bought and sold by legitimate businesses. That said, information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses has been used recently in the Proud Boys voter intimidation attack by Iran-sponsored cybercriminals.

Use Evolve’s Dark Web Scanner to find out if your information has been exposed online.

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Businesses Beware: The FBI & CISA Hacking Warning

With the upcoming election on the horizon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) & the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a joint cybersecurity advisory in an attempt to thwart hackers exploiting legacy software systems & vulnerable virtual private networks (VPNs) that target our election support systems & businesses across the United States.

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Successful Attacks: How Do Hackers Access Your Systems?

CISA has already caught hackers with unauthorized access to election support systems! How? Out of date “legacy systems” leave the door open (software vulnerabilities) for the hacker to walk right into your systems. Once inside, the hacker will look to escalate their administrative privileges to cause maximum damage, including theft of data, theft of sensitive banking information, & the installation of ransomware. You could spend tens of millions of dollars on cybersecurity solutions, but if the hacker has the same admin access as your Chief Information Security Office, your business is as good as toast. 

What’s a Privilege Escalation Attack?

How Does Cyber Insurance Save The Day?

Immediate Forensic Specialist Assistance:

In the event of a network security breach, Evolve’s cyber insurance forensic specialist experts play a vital role in getting hackers out of your system, mitigating  further damage to your systems, and getting your business back up & running. Forensic experts typically cost $500/hr, but their time is worth it’s weight in gold, as they can move with speed & efficiency to stop an attack before it gets out of control.

Essential Data Breach Attorneys:

In the event data is stolen, Evolve’s cyber insurance will cover the cost to work with data breach attorneys at $500/hr to advise your business on privacy regulatory body compliance. In addition, ancillary costs are covered; including notification costs & ID restoration.

Malicious Attacks – Ransomware & Funds Transfer Fraud:

Lastly, Evolve’s cyber insurance policy will cover malicious attacks, including ransomware and/or the use of confidential login information to successfully execute a funds transfer fraud attack. In a ransomware attack, Evolve will cover forensic costs, ransom payments, data recreation costs, business interruption, and reputational harm coverage. In a funds transfer fraud attack, Evolve will reimburse the Insured for the lost funds! 

Update Legacy Systems & VPNs: Stop Hackers Today

According to the FBI & CISA, if you are leveraging the following legacy networks and virtual private networks (VPNs), patch the following vulnerabilities: 

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