Michael Costello


Mike Costello is one of the co-founders of Evolve that has focused solely on cyber insurance for the past 6 years. With family insurance spanning back 4 generations, Mike worked as a retail insurance producer throughout college, followed by 3 years of cyber specialty training at Lloyd’s of London. Both paths led him to the concept of Evolve, a cyber “specialty” market that provides the broadest cyber insurance policy in existence directly to retail insurance brokers with highly efficient sales tools. Beyond insurance, Mike is an avid music fan, sports fan, and tries to embody the “beach” lifestyle in his new hometown, Hermosa Beach.


Education: Loyola Marymount University

Major: Business, Entrepreneurship

Favorite Band/Artist: Rolling Stones, Eminem, Oasis, Kanye West, Mumford & Sons, etc.

Hometown: Marin County, CA


(415) 257-2173

michael costello