Preferred Vendors

One of our goals at Evolve MGA is to improve our policyholder’s security.

We teamed up with the industry’s most resourceful risk management services available to ensure your business is secured on all fronts.

Check out some of our preferred cyber coverage vendors below.

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MyHIPAA Guide helps covered healthcare organizations understand what they need to do on a daily basis to comply with HIPAA regulation. Evolve MGA Insureds have access to free cyber Risk Assessment tools, the HIPAA “cheat sheet,” and preferred rates for unlimited consulting services. Equipping your business or your client’s with a data breach policy provides access to MyHIPAA.




BitSight transforms how companies manage third and fourth party cyber risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark cyber security performance, and assess aggregate risk with objective, verifiable and actionable Security Ratings.
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Ninjio views IT Security Awareness through a different lens. Instead of lecturing, entertain and educate your users through storytelling. Don’t let the computer talk to your user – rather – let the story talk to them. Stories evoke emotions; Computer based lectures don’t. When emotions are present, users are ENGAGED.


We help our customers improve user awareness about cyber security threats. We reduce the likelihood that you will be impacted by Ransomware, Financial Fraud and Data Breaches. Our customer experience is world class, hands on and delivered by innovative and great people.
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An incident response plan is a useful document in handling incidents, however good incident response requires more than just a plan. It requires rehearsals, suitable technology and evidence availability (e.g. log data), good backups and system / network documentation, experienced responders (in-house or external) and often input from many teams around the business (from technical to HR, PR, Legal).


CFC BreachAlert is a cloud-hosted web application, which watches for your data being posted on the Dark Web, or other sites and forums used by cybercriminals. Easily configured in just a few minutes, CFC BreachAlert acts like a “burglar alarm” for your data, alerting you in real-time as soon as a possible breach is discovered. CFC BreachAlert complements your existing network security measures by keeping watch “outside the firewall”, providing additional peace of mind against data breaches.
risk management
risk management


Password hacking compromised more than 150 million accounts this past year. Find out if a password hack has exposed your password online. Breach Alarm scans the Internet for stolen password data posted by hackers, and let’s you know if they spot your email address in a security breach.