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Cyber Sales Academy 2023 Thanks for Coming!

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“Hands down, the best cyber workshop in the industry.” – Gwenyth Luu

“Hands down, the best cyber workshop in the industry.” – Gwenyth Luu

“Hands down, the best cyber workshop in the industry.” – Gwenyth Luu

“Hands down, the best cyber workshop in the industry.” – Gwenyth Luu

“Hands down, the best cyber workshop in the industry.” – Gwenyth Luu

About the Cyber Sales Academy

Selling cyber insurance can feel like a daunting task for insurance brokers well-versed in the world of traditional coverage. But leave it to Evolve’s Cyber Sales Academy to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Our fun two day program packs in the best training and networking opportunities to leave all attendees ready to explain the importance of cyber insurance quickly and effectively to clients of any size.

It was a great success last time around for our Dallas event, so we’re hoping to give you the same experience, if not better in Atlanta!

2023 Activities

Work, Play, Evolve.

Speaker Sponsors

Greg Crowley

Chief Information Security Officer, eSentire

Greg Crowley is an accomplished executive with over 20 years in Information Technology and Cybersecurity with extensive experience in managing enterprise security and mitigating risk for global hybrid networks. Greg believes that as a leader in the cyber world, being able to communicate and execute a strategic vision to defend and protect is the most important part of his role. Prior to joining eSentire, Greg oversaw the overall cybersecurity function as Vice President of Cybersecurity and Network Infrastructure at WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He spent over 17 years in various leadership roles across engineering, infrastructure and security within that organization. Greg holds a Bachelor's degree from Queens College. He is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Mike Dillon

Chief of Technology, Quest Technology Management

Mike Dillon, Chief Technology Officer for Quest, brings over 25 years of disaster recovery, security, and engineering experience to his role. Dillon leads technology strategy development and planning and serves as chief consultant and director for Quest’s Professional, Managed, and Cloud Services.

Forrest Knueppel

VP of Channel Operations, Coro

Forrest Knueppel leads Coro Cybersecurity as Vice President of Alternate Channels. With over 20 years of technology experience advising to scores of technology leaders ranging from SMB to Fortune 100 enterprises and former founder of the Cyber Defense Coalition- a consortium of co-opetition security providers working together to provide a consolidated security solution for Midmarket & Enterprise clients. Forrest now leads the fastest growing division of one of the fastest growing cybersecurity providers on the planet. When not advising on best practices for cyber security, he enjoys time off as both taxi driver and coach to his three teens’ various activities, playing weekend warrior as an active hockey player/coach himself, or driving charities focused around serving children with Autism, Veterans, and Cancer research.

Broker Testimonials


eSentire is one of Evolve’s newest cybersecurity technology partners. They are a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response services. They have a team dedicated to shutting down threats proactively in real time for the following cybersecurity controls:

  • EDR (Including Next Gen Anti-Virus)  
  • Network Monitoring 
  • Log (SIEM) 
  • Cloud 
  • Employee Awareness & Phishing Training  
  • Patch Vulnerability  

We’re so happy to have eSentire as a sponsor for Cyber Sales Academy 2023!


To save your clients’ time and money, Evolve has partnered with cybersecurity implementation specialist, Quest. Quest gives policyholders access to some of the most enhanced security products in the marketplace & professional oversight to complete the decommissioning/segregation of end of life software. They provides policyholders access to one of the most enhanced MFA products in the marketplace with an automatic 15% Evolve discount. We’re thrilled to have Quest as a sponsor for Cyber Sales Academy this year!



Coro is a bundled cybersecurity software that analyzes data across to identify threats in real time, allowing for the Insured’s internal admin on the Coro software to shut down the threat in real time. As an Evolve partner, Coro additionally provides a 20% Evolve discount. 

  • EDR with Anti-Virus 
  • Email Protection (Email Scanning for Phishing Attacks) 
  • Access Control  
  • Cloud Application Protection 
  • Data Loss Prevention 
  • Regulatory Compliance 

We’re looking forward to hearing from Coro’s team at Cyber Sales Academy 2023!


Evolve vetted the entire cybersecurity marketplace to specifically partner with the MFA cybersecurity specialist, TierPoint, as their product TierPoint Clean IP™ Managed Multi-Factor Authentication is the one of the most enhanced MFA technology solutions available, cost efficient, simple, & can sync with any 3rd party platform. We’re thrilled to have them as a sponsor for Cyber Sales Academy!

2023 Sponsors