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Each policyholder at Evolve has exclusive, free access to the following cybersecurity risk management resources that retail at $7,500+ in the market.

Risk Management Tools



Darktrace’s artificially intelligent cybersecurity technology identifies & prevents cyber attacks on your organization in real time, autonomously shutting down hackers by monitoring your organization’s entire digital footprint, including data wherever it resides (cloud, SaaS, email, endpoints, IoT, & physical systems).



BlackFog’s data exfiltration prevention technology stops ransomware! See it for yourself in 7 days with a free ransomware assessment. After your trial meet with BlackFog’s VP of Threat Intelligence, an expert in cybersecurity investigations with a background in law enforcement who will analyze the findings and present you with your customized threat report. Don’t become the next Ransomware statistic, get started today!



4 minute “gamified” video episodes on real breaches that train your employees on how to avoid falling victim to hack attacks. Actively train up to 25 of employees with this educational software.

Control Case


Control Case provides a 30 minute consultation to identify if your business’ sensitive information properly complies with foreign, federal, state, & private privacy regulatory laws.

Evolve's Mobile App

Free for Policyholders!

  • Report claims
  • Threat alerts
  • Talk to forensic experts
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Network scanning

Broker Education

Stay informed and prepared by tapping into our educational resources and events that cover the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and best practices. Equip yourself with essential knowledge to bolster your clients’ cyber defenses and land more business in the process.

Cybersecurity Management &  Claims Process

Your clients can experience a seamless and efficient claims process, backed by our dedicated team of professionals committed to resolving their cyber insurance claims promptly. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our expert support is just a call or click away on easy to use mobile app.

Common Cyber Security Controls Explained

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication, is a password authentication method to protect access to corporate networks and business-critical systems, both on-premises and remotely.

Offline Backups

An offline backup is a copy of your data that is not stored on the same device as your original data and is not connected to the Internet.

Network Monitoring Solution

A network monitoring solution continuously monitors and evaluates a computer network by identifying and remediating inadequate network components.

Email Filtering Software

An email filter will filter incoming emails for spam, malware, and suspicious links. Malware, including ransomware, is often hidden within links or attachments, which lure employees to open them.