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Cyber security researchers recently discovered a new phishing malware that cybercriminals are using to infiltrate networks via attacks on employee emails. These attacks are so innovative that they are capable of bypassing Microsoft Outlook’s Advanced Threat Protection mechanism.

Microsoft’s advanced threat protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to dig a level deeper in emails in order to scan the links attached to the emails for any blacklisted or suspicious domains. However, due to the nature of how advanced hackers have proven to be, they have been able to figure out a way to bypass this security feature in order to expose users.

It seems as if every time Microsoft comes out with a new way to protect users from malicious attacks, cybercriminals find ways to exploit the security progress. Just recently, hackers were found using a zero font technique that successfully tricked users into providing their personal and banking information. Additionally, hackers were also able to expose victims by splitting up malicious URLs in a way that Safe Links security feature in Office 365 failed to identify, which ultimately lead to redirecting users to phishing sites.

With attacks like these, it’s difficult to expect positive outcomes, especially when the user cannot detect they are being spoofed. However, there are some quality cyber security tools on the market that can help decrease the opportunity of success for hackers. Head over to Evolve MGA’s Risk Management page to learn more about the best security tools on the market.

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