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The Advisen Cyber Awards

Evolve needs your nomination help!

Directions: Evolve is looking for nominations in the following categories. To save time, you do not need to fill out every category! Click the button above to vote.

6. Cyber Risk Industry Person of the Year – The Americas

Nominees: Patrick & Michael Costello

Patrick & Michael Costello manage the largest & fastest growing “cyber specialist” team in the United States, nearly doubling in size over the past year. Patrick, recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, is actively solving the #1 issue in the industry by educating brokers on cyber exposure via the Evolved Broker Podcast, the top emerging podcast in insurance. Launched in 2020, the podcast’s guest list already includes some of the most notable and influential individuals in the industry. Michael, recently quoted in Rough Notes on the state of the cyber market, has changed the game for brokers selling cyber by integrating a dark web scan with every quote.

9. Cyber Risk Insurtech of the Year

Nominee: Evolve MGA

Evolve’s Dark Web Scanning technology, proactively proves that all businesses have a cyber exposure, helping brokers sell cyber insurance to the tricky client that “doesn’t believe they can get hacked.” Included on every cyber quote proposal, business owners are getting up front access to their employees information that has already been breached. The average American has 90 accounts online. Most people do not realize that hackers attack these companies all the time to steal credentials and take advantage of businesses. This has been an absolute game changer for brokers dealing with businesses owners that do not believe they have a cyber exposure!

16. Cyber Risk MGA of the Year

Nominee: Evolve MGA

Evolve is truly a “cyber specialist” market, profitably underwriting & distributing the broadest commercial cyber insurance product in the marketplace to tens of thousands of insurance brokers. In 2020 alone, Evolve completed over 1,600+ cyber sales training sessions for retail insurance agencies across the United States, breaking down coverage, exposure, and the most effective sales strategies.

To make cyber exposure crystal clear and simplified for every business owner, Evolve integrated dark web scanning technology directly into their quote proposals and automatically alerted over 20,000 businesses that 100,000+ of their employees’ sensitive information had been compromised.

Finally, Evolve launched the #1 cyber insurance podcast, highlighting advice from extremely successful insurance industry titans. The podcast has reached thousands of insurance brokers across the globe.

19. Cyber Risk Disrupter of the Year

Nominee: Evolve MGA

You know what’s pretty disruptive? Realizing that your employees’ email addresses have been leaked on the dark web. With each quote, Evolve scrapes the corners of dark web to find out which employee email addresses have been compromised, even highlighting the specific hack attack that lead to the breach. It’s a game changer and has pushed the entire quote process in a progressive direction.

Also, Evolve’s podcast, The Evolved Broker Podcast, is quickly becoming one of the top podcasts in the insurance industry, with an unparalleled list of featured guests. It educates the industry, but does so in a very fresh, engaging way.